Remedy Health Media shares positive patient stories with a wide variety of healthcare clients.
Wax was commissioned to contribute to the Big Shot Series. We are passionate about developing powerful content for our clients, so we were pleased to contribute to this photography based series that profiles women
who have MS, but do not let the disease define who they are.

Karla is a Microsoft marketing professional that battles both MS and Lyme disease. She uses her incredible spirit to help
others with MS through social media serving as a powerful example of the life one can lead. She has rough days and weeks
for sure, but stays in touch with her followers and shares her experiences and offers ideas on strategies for living with MS.

Mariya works for an aerospace company and was diagnose with MS three years ago. She "rolls" with the bad days and is
determined to not let the disease hold her back. She has set some lofty fitness goals including running marathons in mountains.
Dedicated to a challenging workout regimen, she is well on her way.

Judy, an avid hiker when not working for the City of Tacoma. She inspects rental properties for mold and other toxins that
put tenants at risk. Her MS effects her right calf, and after a week of driving from inspection to inspection, she found that her leg was
too fatigued for hiking. She then switched to hand controls in her car, saving energy in her leg. She hopes that being part of the
Big Shot Series will encourage others with MS to explore different strategies and problem solve ways that will allow them to
continue with the things in their life that gives them joy.