Exvere is a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm based in Seattle specializing in helping first time business sellers
successfully sell their business, often to buyers with much more experience in the realm of business acquisitions. The primary focus is to update the brand with a stronger positioning. We conducted a quick, yet comprehensive brand audit and  competitive landscape analysis. Upon arriving at a unique position, we moved forward with a logo design and are currently developing a new website. We created new content with photo shoots at Exvere and a number of their clients that
represent business categories where Exvere has strong stories to tell.


During the brand audit it became clear that buying and selling a business is certainly a financial endeavor,
but it is really about people. Sellers are very concerned about what will happen to their employees. Also,
the company itself has likely been in the seller's family for years. Exvere is particularly good at listening to
their clients wants and needs and insuring the sale goes smoothly to the very end.


Wax meets the ever increasing need for fresh content as our clients look to present their brand message.
An authentic brand voice is a difficult proposition to achieve through stock, so our model allows clients to maintain
consistent voice across all communication and social media platforms.